Social Security Planning

Group BenefitsSocial Security Planning is an integral part of retirement planning. Unfortunately, many consumers and even those in the financial services industry are not educated nearly enough on the Social Security rules and laws to take full advantage of the benefits that could be awarded to them.
Incorporating Social Security planning into your overall financial plan, especially your retirement income plan could have a surprisingly beneficial effect on your total pool of resources. There are many varying strategies for Social Security Planning that may be appropriate for some but are not appropriate for others.

While there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding Social Security and its anticipated changes as of late, everyone agrees that Social Security in some form will be available, especially to those 55 or older. Social Security is one guaranteed income source that everyone, who has participated in the workforce for at least 40 quarters, is entitled to. This will be a portion of your retirement income, so it is important to secure the highest amount you are eligible for.

Golden Financial Group can help you determine which strategies will be most beneficial for your particular situation so you can be sure to get the most from your Social Security Benefits.

March 10th, 2016 by Golden Financial Group