In today’s economic landscape, people who are in retirement or approaching retirement are concerned about their financial picture and the protection of their money. If you are concerned about outliving your savings, perhaps an annuity will fit your needs.

What is an annuity and why would I want one?
An annuity is like a bank savings or CD, with the exception it is offered by an insurance company. In addition, an annuity can be used to provide tax favored income for various periods of time.

It is a contract between you and the insurance carrier that provides a guaranteed future income in exchange for payments you make to your account. It is a long term way of planning your retirement. Golden Financial Group offers both Qualified Annuities (funded with pre-tax dollars) and non-qualified (funded with after tax dollars.)

How is a fixed annuity different from a CD or Money Market?
Interest earned on a CD or Money Market Account is subject to federal and state income tax in the year it is earned. Interest earned in an annuity is tax-deferred until it is withdrawn, therefor with an annuity you are earning the full rate the company is crediting you with because it is growing without annual taxation. (Always consult with your attorney or CPA for legal or tax advice.)
Annuities will meet your “safe money” needs!

Golden Financial Group offers safe, fixed annuities with competitive Interest rates through various “A” rated insurance carriers. Call Golden Financial Group today to see if annuities should be a part of your financial plan.

March 10th, 2016 by Golden Financial Group