Long Term Care / Extended Care/ Disability

Group Disability InsuranceA long term /extended care plan provides care should you become compromised. Consider the possibility of becoming compromised as you become older. If something should happen to you, someone else’s life is going to be severely impacted caring for you. Caregivers often suffer emotional and physical consequences because the care is all consuming. Paying for care also disrupts your carefully thought out financial plans. A long term/ extended care plan provides a predictable source of income in the form of a daily or monthly benefit. That income is used to fund the plan, that is, it is used to pay for care.

This will in turn protect the emotional and physical well-being of your loved ones and provide a source of income to pay for the care so your current income and assets do not have to be reallocated. This allows your loved ones, who would have no choice but to provide care, now be in a position to supervise others who perform the care of assisting in the activities of daily living.

Golden Financial Group will work with you to create a plan should you ever become compromised and need extended care.

March 10th, 2016 by Golden Financial Group