Retirement Planning

Insurance Agent DoylestownIt’s not going to be your parents’ retirement – rewarded at 65 with a gold watch, a guaranteed pension, and health insurance for life. For many people, retiring in this new century is a mystery. Earlier generations of workers could rely on employer-provided pensions, but now many workers will need to rely on their own work-related and personal savings plus Social Security benefits. These savings have to last longer because many of us are living longer, often into our eighties and nineties.

Today (and tomorrow’s) retirees may well have a new kind of retirement. With a longer and healthier life span we are more likely than previous generations to be an active older America. A longer life, however, will also mean more medical care, some of which will not be covered by the federal Medicare program.

The whole retirement landscape has changed and many find it a mystery. Golden Financial Group can help you take control of your finances so that when you retire, you have the time and money to do what you’ve always wanted. Whether you are 10, 20 or 30 years from retirement or have a different timeframe – or even if you are already retired – Golden Financial Group will help you unravel the financial mysteries of life after work and to discover changes you can make for a financially secure future.

March 10th, 2016 by Golden Financial Group